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  • When was The Stranded published?
    The Stranded was published on 21st July 2022.
  • What about the US?
    US readers will have to wait just a little bit longer. More details soon.
  • What are you working on now?
    It's a secret.
  • Where can I get a copy?
    The Stranded is available in bookshops and online. The audiobook is available from audible here. If you'd like to support indie bookshops check out
  • Wait, that can't the end. Will there be a sequel?
    Yes! The Stranded is the first in a duology so work's under way on book two.
  • Can you speak to my book group?
    Yes, I'm happy to speak to book groups via zoom depending on timings etc. Drop me a line at to discuss.
  • Can you donate something for a bookish charity auction?
    Probably. Please drop me a line directly at with a bit about the auction and what kind of donation you'd like.
  • Can you speak to my home education group?
    Yes. I'm happy to speak to home education groups over zoom and I'll also be offering free workshops in future. I may be able to travel to in person events depending on distance. If you'd like more info please contact me.
  • Can you mentor me?
    Every year I take part in the WriteMentor summer programme. This programme offers writers with a finished YA, MG or picture book portfolio the chance to work with a mentor to overhaul and polish their work over a period of four months. This is a completely free programme. The summer 2022 programme is now underway. Applications for 2023 will open in Spring 2023. Sign up for the WriteMentor newsletter to stay up to date.
  • Can you read my unpublished work?
    The blunt answer is no. Sorry. There are loads of reasons for this, but the main ones are time and money. Reading someone else's manuscript and giving them meaningful feedback is work. I occasionally take on paid critique and can provide reports on full manuscripts and submission packages. If you're interested please use the contact me form and I'll give you details of how to get a quote. Find yourself a critique group you can trust. There are loads of ways to do this from social media to writing communities such as WriteMentor. That way you can offer your own labour in exchange for someone else's.
  • Can you review my book?
    I love getting book mail (who doesn't?). However, I don't accept review requests for a number of reasons including a lack of time, a mile long TBR list, and the fact that I'm a fickle mood reader and find reading to a deadline quite tricky.

Sarah Daniels

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